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Hidden Benefits of Auto Insurance for Women?

Auto Insurance Orange NJ: It is a well-known fact that insurance companies are establishing their prices depending on the statistics they collect from their clients and from the authorities. So when we’re talking about auto insurance in Orange NJ, Princeton, Trenton, Yardley or the rest of the USA, we are actually talking about two main types of insurance: for men drivers and for women drivers.
The main difference between these types of insurance is their price. Provided that women file cheaper claims and have less convictions than men.
But are there any other hidden benefits of being a woman driver?
In the past there was a lot of hassle over auto insurance claims. You had to fill in a lot of papers and the process of filing a claim was a lengthy and tiresome one.
But the good news is that insurance companies realized the importance of saving time. They are now taking the required actions to make things easier and faster for their clients:

  • you now have the freedom of choosing a private repairer of your choice;
  • immediate cover can be offered with one phone call
  • your insurance will be cheaper, but that depends on the car you drive (it was proved that on average women own cars which are cheaper than the ones owned by men)
  • Depending on your driving habits you can get insurance discounts. Can prices go lower than this? Yes they can. If you drive in a safe manner you can get Safer Driving Discounts

if you pay for your car insurance on a monthly basis, be aware of the interest rate applied by your insurance company; some charge an interest rate of over 30%, which obviously raise the overall price of your policy

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