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Do You Need Special Treatment For Your Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance East Orange: Many people are amazed to find out that their insurance companies put them under “special treatment”. Although insurance companies have very clear guidelines, often people get entangled in the load of technical terms which are used to create their insurance contracts – and this is one of the main reasons why people don’t understand what their insurance covers and why it does so.
Luckily, in East Orange, Ewing, Hamilton, Jersey City, Lawrenceville, Morrisville there are some companies which use customer language. This means that the representatives of these companies are taught how to explain every technical term to a person who is not familiar with using them.
One of these companies is AEI Insurance. Recently, they have revealed the reasons why some people receive special treatment for their insurance. Some of these reasons might be:

  • Driving under influence (otherwise known as DUI) – this includes alcohol and drugs
  • Driving while ability impaired (also known as DWAI)
  • Your driving record – did you have any former accidents?

No special treatment required
There are plenty other reasons why you might receive a special treatment, and you can access them on the AAEI official website. However, not all cases require special auto insurance. Here are some things you can do to “get out” of this category:
If you do get caught driving under influence (and that is any kind of influence, be it DUIL, OMVI, OUI, etc) you will more than likely be required to have an SR-22 proof of insurance. This document does not replace your normal insurance, but it is made to verify that you have valid insurance coverage.
Having this document means that you do not receive any special regulations. The same regulations and minimum requirements for insurance coverage apply for DUIs as for anyone else who is driving a car.

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