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Term and Whole Life Insurance Information

Life insurance can help protect your family and is an excellent way to accumulate money for college, retirement or unplanned expenses. A person should have life insurance that approaches six to eight times their annual gross income. Under current laws, there is generally no federal income tax on death benefits paid to a named beneficiary.

Using the strength and experience of our life insurance markets, we offer affordable term life and whole life insurance policies.

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Term Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage for a specified length of time. A term life insurance policy is usually purchased with a particular need in mind. Beneficiaries will collect, usually tax free, the face value of the policy upon the insured (your) death. Term life is attractive for those with a limited income, high short term insurance needs, or for personal family protection.
If the insured survives the time period, the policy expires. There is no cash value at the expiration of a term life insurance policy. Some policies have a convertible feature permitting a policyowner to exchange a term policy for a cash value policy without evidence of insurability.
Level Term Life Insurance Policy Features
A constant death benefit and a level premium for a specified number of years. We offer 10, 15, 20, and 30 year terms.
Decreasing Term Life Insurance Policy Features
Has a decreasing death benefit and a level premium.
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Whole Life Insurance

The most popular choice for those seeking to cover permanent needs, such ascontributing to a survivor's nest egg, paying off final expenses, etc. Whole life insurance provides permanent, lifelong insurance coverage. The benefit amount remains the same and is payable to the beneficiary(s) at the time of the insured's (your) death. It also offers an opportunity to build cash value, so you can take a loan on your policy to fund major purchases or to provide for unexpected costs.
Whole life insurance has a fixed premium and a level death benefit to age 100. The premiums don't increase with age, which averages the cost of the policy over your life. The cash value increases with time until it equals the death benefit at age 100. This type of policy never has to be renewed or converted. The cash value is an amount of money that you are guaranteed to receive in the event of policy cancellation.

Variations of Whole Life Insurance include:
Modified Premium – lower fixed premium for the first 3 or 5 years, and then premiums increase. These policies work well for individuals that expect to improve their financial condition in the near future.
Graded Premium – premium increases each year for the first 5 years, and then is fixed.

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