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Renters Insurance for Orange, Princeton, and Yardley NJ

Renters Insurance and Property Insurance you can trust

Whether you own your home or rent it you need homeowners insurance to protect your financial and legal interests. Renters insurance will cover your personal belongings and valuables for cents on the dollar.  When you rent a house or an apartment in Orange NJ, Princeton, Trenton, Yardley or anywhere else for that matter, the landlord will be responsible for the main property insurance. But the property insurance will only cover the buildings and not your personal possessions. Property insurance will also not cover your liability in the event of an accident in your house or apartment.
As a tenant you need renters insurance to protect your personal possessions and to cover you against 3rd party claims that may result because of an accident or mishap in your home. 3rd party liability claims can run into millions and if you don’t have adequate renters insurance you can face all sorts of problems, even bankruptcy court. You also want to be sure your personal items are covered in the event of storm damage, fire, theft and similar misfortunes.
As a property owner your home and real estate is a substantial investment and often the biggest one in your portfolio. Just as there are numerous risks and dangers, there is also a vast array of home insurance policies, options and variations. You want to know you are covered for damage to your house, out-buildings, pool, fencing, landscaped garden, sunrooms and other physical structures and real estate valuables. In addition you need cover items such as:

  • loss or damage to personal property
  • additional living expenses when needed
  • possible medical expenses
  • personal liability and 3rd party claims

Whether you line in stand-alone 2 story mansion, a condominium, an apartment or mobile home, you need property or renter insurance to protect your financial and legal interests. You also need insurance you can trust and rely on. The best way to get that is to speak to professional insurance advisers such as AEI Insurance.

Life Insurance is How You Protect Your Loved Ones

Life and Health Insurance protects you and your loved ones

Sometimes we need to be realistic and think about important things such health and life insurance. We all get older and we need to consider providing for our families and loved ones . This is after all something most of us desire and want to do. Life insurance makes it possible for you to do this.

You don’t need to wait for a tragedy before getting your life insurance in order.
The fact is life insurance is not expensive and you have many options in places like East Orange, Ewing, Hamilton, Jersey City, Lawrenceville, and Morrisville. Trusted agents such as AEI Insurance will match the right life insurance to your needs. You can select between options such as term life, whole life and endowment policies.

When you select term life you get straight death and disability cover but now investment component. This is suitable insurance if you are starting and have a young family, This type of insurance will take care of your dependents should you die unexpectedly. It also the cheapest life insurance around and won’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars a year.

If you planning longer term you can select a whole life policy that will cover you for the rest of your life as long as you pay the premiums.  You can also opt for an investment component which means your policy will accrue a cash value over time. You can access these funds at a later stage to pay for important things such as education, home improvements or whatever you choose. There are some tax advantages attached as you don’t get taxed on the funds you use.

When it comes to your health you know Medicare does not cover everything and with medical costs soaring, it is a good idea to get proper and suitable health insurance. This also means you can more readily consult with doctors and physicians of your choice and who work close to where you are. Also you are covered should something serious happen – like a car accident or a dread disease. If you are unable to pay the medical costs you could end up filing for bankruptcy and that’s no good for your credit score and financial future.